This is how Australia is farming! 214ft Double Air Drill the best thin

We all know that farming is not for everyone and as we can see from the video this guy use 214ft planter to help with seeding. The work and the method is really impressive!

Airless tires? Finally available!

New technology on AIR-FREE tires with great benefits of driving and comfort

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Top 10 Dangerous Railway Bridges in the World! So scary!

This is the most dangerous and scariest railway tracks (or) bridges in the world and

World Amazing Modern Agriculture Equipment and Mega Machines: Hay Bale

World amazing modern agriculture mega machines, tractor, automatic hay bales collecto

This is how tulips are topping! Crazy isn't it?!

Topping tulips during the spring in Holland using a John Deere 6130R op Soucy tracks

This is how you get grass in your yard over night...

Sometimes we need that our bakcyards to be clean and full of grass, but no always we

Can't stop watching this...

We all had problem with the rust, but in this video we can see that exists a super ma

The Largest Combine Harvester in The World

With this kind of combine the job will be done so easily and with great impact in har

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